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 God is Good

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PostSubject: God is Good   Thu Jan 28, 2016 3:24 pm

No one would ever have guessed that I was brought up as Catholic. I spent 7 years at a Catholic primary school, went through First Confession, Holy Communion and Confirmation. I NEVER knew about God and NEVER experienced him in my life despite attending church, hymn singing and everything else that a Catholic primary school entails. It wasn't until that I moved away from my home environment and became a Christian through my partner that I really began to experience God and see him working in my life. He has shown me he is there when I have felt that I was on my own -due to depression- How did he show me? I asked him to show me with gold dust on my hands (It looks like you've been creating things with glitter when you havent been anywhere near anything remotely glittery) I wait a few minutes and I see God showing me that he is there with me, that he loves and cares about me.

When my DobermanXlabrador was attacked by a RotweillerXAkita and had a really deep puncture wound to his shoulder area and a sore eye, it was December 25th 2015. All vets remotely near to my partner and I were closed. There was no way we could have reached a vet until after Christmas. By then his wound could have got infected or he could have started bleeding badly. I am a HUGE dog lover and my dogs mean the world to me. To see him in such pain and know I couldn't do anything was awful. Instead of feeling bad forever I prayed. I asked God to please heal the wound on his back and also his eye. Explained how there was no way I could get my dog to the vet and how i really needed his wound to scab over and his eye to get better. My dogs puncture wound and eye did get better and did scab over...within 2 days! There is no humane way that such a deep wound would have scabbed so quickly if it wasnt for God.

God is always for you. And he will always help you.

I'd love to hear how you have experienced God in your life Very Happy
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God is Good
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